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Second Session Sweepstakes

Second Session Sweepstakes Tournament:

Location: Big Slick's Game and Grill

Date: 11-30-2018 10:00

$10 Donation plus + $100 prize


  • We will have a league wide monthly tournament at the end of each month
  • We will draw tickets for extra chips during the tournament.
  • We will draw for $5000 chips when the tournament starts for 5 players.
  • Then we will draw 1 ticket every time the blinds go up.
  • From start until the break we will draw for $5000 chips, from the first break until the second break we will give out $10k chips. After the 2nd break the drawing is over.
  • If your ticket gets drawn when you go out you get a re-entry.
  • Play at any King City Poker event to earn tickets
  • Earn tickets by winning the second session. The number of tickets you earn is based on how many players participated. For example, 30 players = 30 tickets.
  • Win the sit-n-go game =1 ticket
  • Turn in your tab on paper to the TD = 1 ticket.