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Mr. Money in the Bank


*Q1 2019*

Tournament invite list:

Top 10 point leaders of each venue and overall.

Invite List

Money in the Bank

  • Money in the Bank is your ticket to any final table in King City Poker! Who ever holds the Money in the Bank contract has 40 days after the following Quarterly Venue Championship to choose a final table to play in. It could be any league tournament. Once the tournament is down to the final table the player then must turn in the Money in the Bank contract. As soon the game is down to 7 players the Money in the Bank winner will take their seat and they will start out with 70% of the chip leader’s stack. You can also use this to double your chips when you make the final table. We are now having a tournament to crown the money in the bank winner! To qualify you must place in the top 10 in points at any venue or overall. First place on a list will start with 5000 bonus chips!

Location: Big Slick's Game and Grill

Date: 7-25-2019

Time: 10:00


  • A ticket to 1 finale table to the tournament of your choice. Must be a King City Poker Tournament only or double your chips at the final table.

How to Qualify?

  • Place in the top 10 in points for the Quarter at any venue or overall.
  • 1st in points overall or at a venue will start with a 5000 chips bonus.
  • Winner of the tournament will earn the Money in the Bank.