Covid 19’s Effect on King City Poker

  • As we all know by now our country and world wide is trying to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. As a result locally in the greater Kansas City area, bars and restaurants are no longer able to have guest inside. Since King City Poker primarily operates in bars and restaurants we are no longer able to continue the league until bars and restaurants are allowed to be open fully. Being shut down for at least two weeks puts a business at risk for going out of business. That is also true for King City Poker. At this present time please support our venues by ordering take out meals. This way they can stay open and continue once things are back to normal.

What we can do at Big Slick’s Game and Grill

  • Big Slick’s Game and Grill currently does not fit in the category of a restaurant or bar. Gatherings that occur at the venue would be considered a social gathering. Social gatherings are allowed under the CDC guidelines with 10 or less people. KCMO Regulated Industries has confirmed that gatherings of this size are allowed in a scenario like Big Slick’s Game and Grill. So because of this, we are allowed to have poker at Big Slick’s with 10 or less players.

Shootout Tournament

  • During this time, we are going to have a series of Shootout Tournaments. A shootout tournament is a tournament where everyone plays against 1 table of players only. Once they win their table they move on to the next table. The next table will be a tournament featuring all of the winners. These tournaments will be played at Big Slick’s Game and Grill- 10520 Grandview Road, Kansas City MO. 912-713-5993 -
  • Tournament structure:
  • All players interested in participating must contact King City Poker or Big Slick’s Game and Grill and let it be known what days and what times you would like to play. You can ask to play in all games, all 7pm, all 10pm, or any specific time and day. Players will then be matched in a group of 8 based on their request and what’s available. Opportunities will be distributed as evenly as possible. Players will be assigned to a day and time in advanced. If you are not on the list for that specific game you will not be allowed to play or be in the building.
  • The donation structure will be as follows… Half goes toward the prize pool. Half goes toward your food and drinks.

  • The Championship will be comprised of players who have won their table. It will take place on a later date and will have a pot bonus to be announced in the future.

Thank you for your support. Without your support we would not be able to continue.

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